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Become a Councillor

To become a Councillor at the next election (2019) you must be a British or European citizen of at least 18yrs , and be in any one of the following 4 categories

1) Your name be on the electoral register for the Parish, or

2) You are the owner or tenant of land or premises in the Parish during the 12 months prior to nomination, or

3) Your main place of work has been in the Parish for the 12 months prior to nomination, or

4) You have lived in the Parish, or within 3 miles of the Parish, during the 12 months prior to nomination.

The full rules can be found in the Local Government Act 1972 (sec 79).  You can also become a Councillor at anytime when there is a vacant seat by a process known as co-option (the Councillors themselves vote you in). Please contact the Parish Clerk for details.

Councillors are local people who are accountable solely to Wrentham and provide a democratic local voice; often taking on case work, raising queries and lobbying for action on behalf of their residents. Most importantly, their focus is entirely on the local area, prioritising the needs of the area and pushing for change and improvements.

It is important for parish councils that local people stand as candidates to ensure that the council is made up of people who truly understand the issues and priorities for the area. The best local councils are made up of a diverse range of local people, each bringing to the council their own life experiences and their own passion for the local area.

Parish councillors are unpaid and do not receive an allowance. In most councils, councillors may claim for expenses they have incurred in the course of their duties,