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Covid Tiers

1 December 2020

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Here are the new Tiers for our area on dec 2nd:   Tier2.pdf 

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Reydon Parish Council news

25 November 2020

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Local Town and Parish Councils including Reydon  discussed "quiet lanes" . Reydon discussed Quiet lanes in relation to Rissemere Lane at their meeting of Thursday 19th November 2020.   

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Youngest Parish Councillor in the country

20 November 2020

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18yr olds (or older) can apply to be a Parish Councillor.  It has to be said that this would lower the average age on some councils up and down the country by more than a decade or two.   A report from the Isle of White County Press shows that it does actually happen.  Cameron Palin age 18yrs was recently co-opted by the East Cowes Council making him the youngest in the country according to the report.

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Sizewell C consultation till 18th December 2020

20 November 2020

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Residents in the Sizewell C catchment area have recently seen the Community Newsletter issued by EDF.  The newsletter is part of the ongoing consultatuion process and outlines some proposed changes to things such as the number of HGV movements and greater use of railway to deliver materials to the site.   You have until 5pm on 18th December if you wish to respond.  More information on the website.

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Wangford Notes 10 November 2020

3 November 2020

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Wangford has 10 Council "seats" of which 2 are currently vacant.  Anyone interested for this unpaid volunteers job should contact Wangford parish Clerk.  Councillors will soon have to decide on what precept (tax) to set for the village for the coming year.  This process has been delayed slightly this year by District Council due to Covid19. Wangford Parish Council recieves £6500 per year in 2 parts and has just received the second part £3250. 

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Frostenden Notes 3rd Nov 2020

3 November 2020

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There are currently a total of 3 vacancies on this combined council:  2 for Frostenden and 1 place for Uggeshall.  Residents of adjacent Parishes are also eligible to apply to the Parish Clerk if interested. 

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Potters Bridge letter

27 October 2020

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This letter appeared on the website of Southwold Town Council.   Says that Potters Bridge is for Suffolk County Council to pay for.  

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13 April 2020

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If needed, help can be sought from:

Waveney foodbank,  or   Southwold Voluntary Help Centre

In Wrentham, donations can be left with Sue Albone at  86b Southwold Road.


Police & Crime Commissioner Elections Delayed

Suffolk PCC elections have been moved from May 2020, May 2021 due to Covid-19.
Coronavirus Act 2020, Para 60(12).

PCC elections delayed till May 2021