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WRENTHAM 100 CLUB - a registered lottery to raise funds to help refurbishment of Wrentham Village Hall. £20 a TICKET with a quarterly prize draw. 1st - £100, 2nd - £50, 3rd - £25.

Click "TICKET" to download the a 100 Club  TICKET FORM.


Wrentham Village Hall is situated in the centre of the village with easy access directly off the A12 into a large free parking area.  See Decisions log  Meeting of  17th June 2019 , item 9.1.

The building contains a large hall with a stage at the East end and a bar and kitchen on the South side.  It is suitable for weddings and other functions, groups and organisations, and a variety of other purposes.  There is more information on Wrentham Village Website

Bookings or any other enquiries can be made by contacting :

          Mrs Angela Day

          9 Priory Road, Wrentham. NR34 7LU          Tel:  01502 675262

          email: angeladaydream@outlook.com





Wrentham Village Hall (Village Website)

Have a look over on Wrentham Village Website

Village Hall (Village Website)