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Potters Bridge Petition

19 January 2024

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A petition has been set up to lobby The Rt Hon Dr Thérèse Coffey to keep the B1127 road open & free from flooding at Potters Bridge.  If you wish to find out more or sign the petition online please follow this link https://chng.it/QpWkjr5wgc

Paper copies will be available to sign at the Village Hall & Wrentham Stores.

The B1127 is the principal access route into Southwold from the north. It is the quickest route into the area for our emergency services and is a well-used road by locals, businesses and their staff, and visitors to the area. 

The repeated flooding and road closures on this road are resulting in a great number of people having to divert via Wangford, onto a road which is not suitable for the volume of traffic, at one of the most significant junction accident cluster sites in the county (B1126/A12). This is not only creating congestion and immense frustration but is adding miles to peoples’ journeys, hitting them in their pockets and creating additional emissions.