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About the Village Hall

Wrentham Village Hall is an unincorporated charity.  Such charities are not legal entities and cannot hold title to land or property, and also have unlimited liabilities. Registration details of Wrentham Village Hall can be found on the Charity Commission Website.

In common with many other village and  community halls, Wrentham Village Hall originally had a group of people known as holding trustees.  The only function of these people was to hold title to the charity's land and property.  The people on the Village Hall Management Committee (known as managing trustees) were the people who carried out the day to day running of the hall. 

On 11th March 2010, at an extraordinary meeting of the holding trustees , and the Village Hall Management Committee (managing trustees), all of the trustee functions were handed over to Wrentham Parish Council.  From that date, the Parish Council (which is a legal entity) became the sole trustee and now nominates, co-opts, or elects persons to carry out the day to day functions of the charity.

It is Wrentham Parish Council as a corporate body who is the trustee, and therefore carries any risk or liabilities, and not the individual Councillors (certain exceptions - eg  fraudulent acts by an individual).