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Fire Service Live incidents

30 September 2019

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Wrentham SfflkFireB

Suffolk County Council is responsible for the Suffolk Fire Service. which includes Wrentham.  The Government has recently made laws concerning the Fire service and other Emergency Services, and also provided grant money which you will get an idea about if you read on......

The Police and crime commissioner has the power to take responsibility for the Fire Service (Policing & Crime Act 2017, Sec 6 and Schedule 1).    However, he recently decided not to do so for the time being.  This was for various reasons including that the Fire Service has "an unfunded residual liability of £2.3 Million pounds" (para 2.2 of PCC Decision Document 25 2017).  The debt is in connection with a Private Finance Initiative. 

The PCC opened the new joint police and Fire Station at Beccles on 30th Aug 2019.  There are plans for similar stations in Stowmarket and Ipswich to continue the collaboration taking place across the country , and the county.  No mention is made of any implications for Wrentham.  


Fire Service Live Incidents

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Fire Service Live Incidents