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East Suffolk portion remains the same

25 February 2021

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Suffolk County Cllr Tony GOLDSON (also an East Suffolk Councillor) reports on his FB page that at the meeting of East Suffolk Council on Wed 24th Feb 2021, they voted to NOT raise the District portion of the Council Tax.  This decision does not appear to have been supported by the Liberals or Greens. Some members of the public may find it hard to understand the reasons for that.   Cllr GOLDSON commented “ The Green Party voted against this even though they did not submit any amendments to the proposed council budget or any alternative budget”. The full meeting can be viewed on YouTube.

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County Councillor Tony Goldson - pedestrian safety

22 January 2021

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Wrentham Parish Council expressed concerns to SCC Cllr Tony Goldson about No. 26 High St, Wrentham. Cllr Goldson undertook to supply bollards to control parking and provide a space for pedestrians to pass.  This has now been carried out.

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Police & Crime Commissioner Elections Delayed

Suffolk PCC elections have been moved from May 2020, May 2021 due to Covid-19.
Coronavirus Act 2020, Para 60(12).

PCC elections delayed till May 2021