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Frostenden Notes 3rd Nov 2020

3 November 2020

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There are currently a total of 3 vacancies on this combined council:  2 for Frostenden and 1 place for Uggeshall.  Residents of adjacent Parishes are also eligible to apply to the Parish Clerk if interested. 

 At the meeting of Frostendon parish Council the issues discussed included speeding along the A12, and flooding in various places in the Parish. The Council had received half the tax money (precept) collected by District Council from Parish Council Tax payers - £1250.  It was noted that there was also other funds know as CIL (community Infrastructure levy ) which the council has not yet spent (about 3k).   Spending was approved for some  grass cutting and war memorial at local churches (Frostendon £150, Uggeshal £130, South Cove £90). The need to decide on next years precept tax and submit forms to District Council to collect it was mentioned.  District Council have delayed this process this year due to Covid.  

Next meeting of the Council is Feb 2nd 2021 (most likely by Zoom).