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The planning authority for the Parish of Wrentham is East Suffolk Council (prior to 1 April 2019 known as Waveney District Council).  All planning applications must be submitted to them.  

Wrentham Parish Council is a statutory consultee.  This means that East Suffolk Council forwards the details of planning applications so that Wrentham can give their opinion.  However, whatever the opinion of the Parish,  it is East Suffolk Council, as the planning authority, who usually has the final say. 

Remember , if you have any objections to a planning application , there are many factors to take into account.  Not least are the policies of the planning authority themselves , and also  your objections must only be from the list of   Material-Planning-Considerations2.pdf

The recommendations made by Wrentham Parish Council can be viewed in the Decisions Log .  Planning applications can be viewed on the website of  East Suffolk District Council. 

Some parts of Wrentham fall within a Conservation Area and may be subject to additional restrictions.