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Parish Councillors

The current Council is made up of 13 seats, and  was elected in May 2019. .  There were 10 candidates, and so all of them took their place on the Council in an uncontested election (no actual voting took place). This is quite a common procedure for many Town and Parish Councils.   Since that time, the Parish Council has co-opted additional members to fill the seats.  The next Parish election will be on Thursday 4th May 2023 .The Parish of Wrentham has around 1000 residents of whom 788 are electors (Source: East Suffolk Council 1st March 2019).  You will get an impression of some aspects of the Parish when you look at the profile.

Chairman- Cllr Ian Watson (Finance Committee)                                             

Vice Chairman - Cllr Lucinda Hutson (Finance Committee)                               

Cllr David Reeves (Village Hall Rep), (Finance Committee)

Cllr David Fletcher (Village Hall), (Finance Committee)

Cllr Alison Evans

Cllr Trevor Oram (Finance Committee), (Play Area)

Cllr Keith Perry (Village Hall), (Finance Committee)

Cllr Fran D'Alcorn 

Cllr Mark Buxton (VAS / speeding data)

Cllr -Kevin Cross   (Website) (Finance Committee) 

Cllr Simon Forder

Cllr Roger Middleditch

vacant seat

The Clerk -Mrs Frances Bullard   2 McLean Drive, Kessingland, Lowestoft, NR33 7TY.  07543 555753


MEP, MP, County & District Concillors  also cover Wrentham:

Register of interests:  All councillors have to declare any interests.