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Whenever you contact Wrentham Parish Council, you are consenting to the storage and use of your personal information so that the Council can reply to you and also carry out it's usual business. You should contact the Parish Clerk if you wish to have your personal information deleted.



General Election

Thursday 12th December 2019 7:00am — 10:00pm

UK General Election
Wrentham falls within Suffolk Coastal Constituency.
The Polling Station is Wrentham Village Hall.
Lists of candidates can be found on the website of East Suffolk District Council.

Parish Council Meeting - open to public

Monday 16th December 2019 7:30pm — 9:00pm

Regular monthly meeting of Wrentham Parish Council. Members of the public welcome to attend. A short period will be allowed at the start of proceedings for public to speak to the Counil.

Town & Parish Council Forum (Councillors bookings only - not open to public)

Monday 27th January 2020 2:30pm — 5:30pm

Held at East Suffolk Council Offices , Canning Road, Lowestoft. Forum for Town & parish Councillor reps from various parts of East Suffolk District . There is discussion about current issues and topics. Members of the public can usually hear about these matters when they are reported back to Towns & Parishes at their next meeting

Frostendon Uggeshall & S Cove Parish Council meeting -

Tuesday 4th February 2020 7:00pm — 9:00pm

Regular meeting - open to public and press
Frostendon Village Hall See all events


Energy Advice Cafe - Wrentham Village Hall 10am Wed 27 Nov 2019

Rural Coffee Caravan is an initiative funded by East Suffolk Council and the warm homes fund.

Latest Crime figures now available for Wrentham - October 2019

These figures are quite recent and typically 3 to 8 weeks behind today's date.

Wrentham Precept raised to cover village projects

At the meeting of Monday 18 December 2019, Wrentham Parish Council decided to raise the amount of Precept (tax).

General Election

Wrentham comes under Suffolk Coastal Constituency which covers an area from Kessingland and Halesworth along the Coast to Felixstowe.

District Council grass cutting in Towns and Parishes

On Tuesday 3rd September 2019, East Suffolk Council (Cabinet) discussed grass cutting and the use of herbicides across the District.

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